T9-1-1 Terms and Conditions

T9-1-1 subscriber responsibilities

Subscribers who register for the Text with 9-1-1 (T9-1-1) service certify that they are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired and require this service to communicate using text messages with emergency service operators. To access the T9-1-1 service, subscribers must first register for the service before attempting to use it. They may do this by registering their handset at the service provider’s T9-1-1 registration website. Once submitted, the registration will take up to 48 hours to be fully activated. If the subscriber switches to another wireless service provider while keeping their existing wireless number, they must re-register for the service and the registration will take up to 4 days to take effect: 2 days to cancel the service with the initial service provider and 2 days to re-register with the new service provider. During this period, there is no access to the T9-1-1 service until the registration with the new service provider is successfully completed.

T9-1-1 subscribers must become familiar with how to use the T9-1-1 service. Information is provided on the T9-1-1 website textwith911.ca or textoau911.ca.

Subscribers shall use a handset that is compatible with the T9-1-1 service, i.e., the handset may simultaneously place a voice call to 9-1-1 and at the same time receive and send text messages. Most handsets will be compatible with the T9-1-1 service; check the Rogers T9-1-1 page for more details.

Subscribers that have registered for the T9-1-1 service are responsible to maintain their account. Only active handsets and accounts that are in good standing will be enabled to use the T9-1-1 service. Subscribers understand and agree that a handset that was registered for the T9-1-1 service and subsequently fallen into poor standing (including but not limited to restricted, suspended, blocked or deactivated accounts) will no longer be capable of accessing the T9-1-1 service.

Subscribers understand and agree that the T9-1-1 service is available only in certain geographical areas in Canada, which are listed on the wireless industry T9-1-1 website: textwith911.ca or textoau911.ca.

T9-1-1 subscribers are aware and agree that text messaging technology has limitations and that text messages may not be sent, delivered, or received in a timely manner. In the unlikely event that this happens, messages may have to be re-sent. Please note that text messaging technology will not always indicate whether or not a sent text message has been delivered.

The existing wireless 9-1-1 limitations apply to the T9-1-1 service.