What is Sportsnet PPV?

Sportsnet PPV offers an incredible selection of pay per view sporting and special events that are uncut and commercial-free. Order from the comfort of your own home on channels 348 (HD) or 350 (SD). Most content is available in both SD and HD.

Events that are regularly available on Sportsnet PPV include UFC, WWE, boxing, concerts, soccer, cricket and much more. Events vary in cost and availability from month to month.

In Hamilton, Sportsnet PPV can be found on channels 291 (HD) or 302 (SD).

How do I order Pay Per View movies/events?

You can order Pay Per View movies and events using your remote control.

You can also call 1-866-400-9284 to speak with a rep, who’ll be glad to help.

When ordering through your remote, you have the ability to order a movie up to 24 hours in advance and special events up to 7 days in advance.

Note: The number of days available to order Pay Per View Events in advance may vary.

To order Pay Per View, please follow these steps:

  1. Scroll through the Interactive Program Guide until you find a future Pay Per View program you want to purchase and press Select.

  2. Scroll through the Future Program Options list until the Buy PPV Event (movie/event title) is highlighted, then press Select. Buy PPV event is the Default selection for this option.

  3. When the "Attention" screen appears, press B to Buy.

  4. Enter your four-digit Purchase PIN (if you have set one up) to buy the movie/event.

Note: You can also set a timer for the PPV movie/event to remind you to order later. When you are at Step 2, scroll through the "Future Program Options" list until "Set a Reminder Timer for (movie/event title)" is highlighted then press Select. When the "Attention" screen appears, press C to cancel and only a reminder timer will be set.

When can I start ordering PPV movies/events using my remote control?

You can start ordering events through your remote control immediately. With a touch of a button, you will have instant access to PPV events. You can also use the Parental Control features and enter PIN numbers to restrict access to Pay Per View and unwarranted channels (the default is 0000). If you need further assistance visit our Parental Controls page or refer to the User Guide provided in your package. You can also contact us.

Can I purchase Pay Per View events or movies from your website?

We regret that at this time we are unable to offer you this service. You can order PPV movies and events either through your remote control or by calling 1-866-400-9284.

How do I view and cancel my pending Pay-Per-View purchases before an event has started?

In Ontario:

To view pending PPV purchases or cancel a purchased event before it starts, take the following steps:

  1. Press the Settings button twice or, if you are in the Interactive Program Guide or in Quick Settings, press once. Scroll through the list of settings until PPV: Purchases is highlighted.

  2. Press Select or the Right arrow browser button. Enter your PIN number when prompted.

  3. Scroll through the available Pay Per View options with the Up or Down arrow browser buttons. Highlight the Pay Per View option you wish to obtain a summary for, and press Select or A.

  4. If you wish to cancel a particular pending Pay Per View event, highlight it and press Select. You will be prompted to confirm cancellation.

  5. Press A, to accept the changes you have made, or press C to cancel the changes.

  6. Press Exit to exit General Settings.

In Hamilton, Newfoundland & New Brunswick:

To view pending PPV purchases or cancel a purchased event before it starts, take the following steps:

  1. Press the Menu / Settings button twice on your remote control.

  2. Go to the "Purchase Review" option in the menu (Standard def and HD-only boxes) and press the arrow to the right. Go to "Purchasing" on PVR digital boxes; press OK and go to "PPV Purchases" in the sub-menu that appears.

  3. Highlight the ordered / pending event and press OK. Press "A" to cancel the purchase (function works on both standard def and PVR boxes).