Who is eligible for a Starter package?

To order Starter on our Digital TV platform, you need to live in an area where Rogers provides Digital TV service and have at least one digital box.

If you live in an apartment building or condominium complex with a bulk agreement (where all or a portion of your services are provided through your condominium board), that agreement needs to include Starter in order for you to be eligible.

Can I subscribe to standalone channels without subscribing to a Digital TV package?

No. To order standalone channels, CRTC packaging rules require that customers first subscribe to one of our Digital TV TV packages: Starter, Select, Popular or Premier.

Will I be able to get premium channels and multicultural Theme Packs with Starter?

Yes. With Starter, you’ll have access to all of the premium and multicultural channels we offer on Digital TV. Each channel is available either on a standalone basis, in a Theme Pack or as part of a larger pre-assembled package of channels at an additional cost.

What does the Starter package on Digital TV include?

On our Digital TV platform, our Starter package includes:

  • Local stations such as Citytv, CTV and Global
  • Public interest channels such as Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and AMI TV.
  • U.S. border stations such as NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS.
  • Access to Rogers On Demand offerings, Pay Per View, Anyplace TVTM (some exceptions may apply), and various promotional and preview channels.

If I get the Starter package and don’t like it, can I go back to my previous TV package?

Yes. However, if your previous package is no longer offered you won’t be able to switch back – you’ll need to choose one of our current packages.

Can I use a digital adapter to view the Starter Theme Packs and standalone channels?

No, a digital adapter only lets you see channels included in our Starter package. You won’t be able to see standalone channels, channels included in Theme Packs or premium and multicultural channels using a digital adapter.

To subscribe to Starter, you need to have at least one digital box from Rogers. You can use digital adapters on any other outlets in your home.

If the CRTC says that $25 is the maximum that can be charged for Starter, why am I paying more?

The $25 maximum is only for channels included in Starter, and specifically excludes equipment fees or add-on services from that amount.

How can I remove Starter channels that I don’t want or that aren’t appropriate for kids?

If these channels are included as part of Starter or its Theme Packs, you can’t remove them. If you ordered the channel on a standalone basis, we can certainly remove it.

Keep in mind, you can block access to individual channels or program titles, and control access using your digital box settings. If you block channels, the price of your package remains the same.

Can I add Theme Packs and standalone channels to my existing TV package?

On Digital TV, Theme Packs and standalone channels can be added to the Starter, Select, Popular and Premier TV packages at an additional cost.

However, they cannot be added to our older Digital TV packages (e.g., Basic TV, Plus, VIP, Business VIP, etc.).

Premium and multicultural channels are available, either as standalone channels or in Theme Packs, when you subscribe to one of our current or older Digital TV packages.

Why can't I order Starter, its Theme Packs and standalone channels online?

Just like our other TV packages, information about our Theme Packs and standalone channel options is available online. To place an order, we encourage customers to contact a customer care rep by phone or Live Chat, or visit a Rogers store.

This allows us to make sure our customers get TV services that best suit their needs while providing the most value.

Will I be charged an Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) if I switch from my current TV package to Starter?

Customers with a fixed-term contract:

  • If you need to cancel your current TV package before the end of your term and an Early Cancellation Fee may will be billed to your account.

Customers on a New Home Construction bundle with an Internet-only term:

  • No Early Cancellation Fee will be billed if you subscribe to Starter since the fee is tied to your Internet service.

If you’d like to know more contact a customer care rep by phone or Live Chat, or visit a Rogers store.

Why must I subscribe to the Canadian Timeshifting Theme Pack if I only want US Timeshifting?

Due to regulatory requirements, the US Timeshifting Pack cannot be sold on its own and must be packaged with the Canadian Timeshifting Theme Pack.