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Continual growth requires constant connectivity

Ensure your employees are always connected to the internet to keep your business running smoothly.   

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Connecting employees across your business is a key aspect for growth. Today’s businesses rely on seamless internet connectivity to enable collaboration from across locations on various devices, coordinate the efforts of field staff and ensure customers can access their services and support. So, what if that internet connection goes down?

According to recent survey data from Databarracks, 35% of businesses are unaware of the actual cost of IT downtime. For many businesses, it can be thousands of dollars per hour. And as your workforce grows, the cost and risk of lost revenue multiplies as well.

Downtime can be caused by severe weather, human error, like a construction mishap or traffic accident, and even more sinister threats like cyberattacks. However, when you have the right contingencies in place, you can help ensure your business stays up and running. Here’s how an LTE wireless backup internet connection can keep your employees connected to each other, to the tools they rely on and to your customers, keeping your business on an upward trajectory:

Seamless collaboration

Should something happen that severs your wired connection to the internet, an LTE wireless backup connection that kicks in automatically ensures your employees continue to collaborate without interruption. Even if staff are on the move or using different devices, a backup connection ensures every IM is delivered, video conferences continue as scheduled, files are successfully shared and customer data is securely transferred.

Accessing the office from anywhere

Your staff need to be able to access important files, data and information stored on your servers seamlessly—not just from in the office, but from anywhere. Whether your staff are working away from their desks, traveling by plane or train, or meeting with clients and suppliers, a secure internet connection supported by an LTE wireless backup will ensure information stored on your servers remains consistently accessible to field staff and your branch locations.

Customer experience

Every business offers its customers a unique experience. From their online store to the point-of-purchase to live-chat customer support, every interaction is an opportunity for a business to build loyal customer relationships. After investing time, money and energy into building these relationships, protecting the vital internet connection that facilitates all these functions is just smart business. An LTE wireless backup provides this assurance, so every customer interaction continues seamlessly, mitigating the threat of downtime, lost revenue and lost customer confidence that comes from it.

Downtime can be a growth killer. From disconnected employees to reputational risks to lost revenue, protecting your business with an LTE wireless backup internet connection will help you avoid the downsides of downtime, so you can focus on growing your business. Just remember that not all backup options are created equal. Some internet providers charge a hefty premium for it, even if it doesn’t run as seamlessly as you need—and that’s if they provide a backup connection at all. Make sure the provider you go with offers a truly seamless automatic backup at no extra charge while they get your main connection up and running.