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Do you have the right mobile features to provide the best customer service?

How to evaluate the mobile features you need to keep you connected with your customers, your suppliers and your team

A man using his phone and laptop simultaneously who is in a bike repair shop wearing an apron

Communication is vital to any growing business. From conference calls with customers and file sharing with suppliers, to collaborating with your team inside the office and out, nearly every aspect of your business requires the right features to garner new customers and grow relationships with existing ones.

So, how do you know if your business has the right tools for the job? It's important to consider the following areas when evaluating your business phone needs and how certain features will impact the service you provide your customers.

Cover the basics first

When it comes to mobility, there are certain features many businesses consider to be table stakes. When business takes you away from the office, you can’t afford to put your clients on hold or miss calls altogether. Rogers Unison provides you with essential features like call forward, three-way calling and the ability to automatically send voicemails to email.

Be available when it matters

A cloud-based system like Rogers Unison also provides key advanced features to make sure your business doesn’t keep your customers and suppliers waiting. "Hunt groups," for example, let you route incoming calls to ring everyone on your team—either all at once or in sequence—until they’re answered. This ensures customers are never left on hold and every call is answered by someone on your team.

Connect from anywhere

Setting up your business phone so customers can always reach you is a good first step, but to improve your team’s collaboration you need more sophisticated tools. Technology like Rogers Unison brings together multiple communications services, working seamlessly to enable collaboration. Cloud-based apps such as Microsoft 365 and G Suite help teams work together from virtually anywhere and on any device; this enables your business to meet customers' needs, whether your team is in the office or working remotely.

Reduce mobility risk

More connected devices mean increased risk; this is just a fact of business today. Every time one of your employees accesses the internet from outside your network, their device—or “endpoint”—becomes a gap in your security. This puts you at risk of a data breach, which can negatively impact your business reputation. But that shouldn’t stop your team from working together or your business from providing the best possible customer service.

Endpoint cloud security can protect vulnerable devices, information and communications with advanced, multi-layered security technologies. These technologies block threats so your employees can connect to and download from any network, including public Wi-Fi, and you can focus on your customers.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing which mobile features your business needs. When you have the right solution for your business needs, however, you’ll be better equipped to meet your customers’ needs—and that gives your business a competitive advantage.

Learn more about Rogers wireless features and how one of our business experts can help.