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How to streamline workflow between your mobile offices

Set your mobile teams up with the tools to work effectively from any location

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To provide the best customer service, businesses need to go where their customers are. This often results in employees working from the road and between mobile offices. And, with faster, more reliable networks and connected devices coming online every year, the capabilities of the mobile workforce continue to accelerate, giving businesses that can adapt a competitive edge.

To make the most of your mobile strategy, managers must find ways to make workflow between mobile offices run seamlessly. Yet, with so many moving parts and employees, the challenge can be daunting. The good news—there are tools that can help.

Start with a gradual approach

Setting your mobile team up for success can happen gradually. With the right tools that leverage cloud and wireless technologies, implemented over time, a mobile team can access the information they need, collaborate in real time and be responsive to customers as if they were working from their desks.

Here are four tips to help streamline workflow between your mobile teams, from virtually anywhere.

1. Move business data to the cloud

Whether it’s product details, customer data or some other critical information, cloud-delivered services ensure your business data is accessible whenever and wherever your teams need it. This means employees can be out with clients and receive a request from a colleague or another important client, and easily access the information they need to deliver an immediate response. And, as your business grows, your ability to scale is already built in. No need to spend time or money on costly updates, maintenance or backups when your information is virtualized and fully managed in the cloud.

2. Connect teams with cloud-based apps

When your team is spread across multiple locations but needs to work together on shared documents and other files, it can be challenging to get everyone on the same page. Often, your team needs to make updates to important documents or presentations on the fly, even while someone else is working on the same file.

Cloud-based collaboration tools come in handy here and can drastically improve workflow. A complete productivity suite of interconnected tools, such as Microsoft 365, provides your mobile team with secure online file storage, file and calendar sharing, team chat and other useful tools geared to improve collaboration on the go by enabling real-time editing to shared documents even while someone else is working on the document.

3.  Stay connected and reachable from your mobile device   

There are many common business challenges that can be solved right from your mobile device when you have the right tools. For example, when you’re on the move or in a meeting, you aren’t always available to take a call. But when an important customer leaves a voicemail and you're unavailable to receive it, imagine still being able to respond in the moment via email.

Rogers UnisonTM offers a feature called Voicemail to Email that instantly sends both an audio file and text transcription of the voice message to your email.  Now you can quickly attend to the inquiry with a return email and avoid interrupting your meeting. It's a smart way to ensure you're always available to your most important customers.

4. Use phone features that cover more ground

A cloud-based communications system can help your mobile employees be in more than one place at once. When a customer calls and the person they’re trying to reach isn’t available, a feature like Hunt Groups, available with Rogers Unison, can re-route the call to other team members, ringing each phone until someone picks up. The hunt group feature creates a seamless customer experience, saving them the hassle of leaving a voicemail or being put on hold. Instead, they get another member of your team that can help them out immediately.

In today’s business world, sitting back and waiting for customers to come to you is simply not feasible. But with the right tools, your mobile employees can meet with clients, collaborate with colleagues and deliver a seamless customer experience.

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