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Spotlight: Paul Teitelman of Paul Teitelman Web Consulting

Insights - Apr. 9, 2018

Spotlight: Paul Teitelman of Paul Teitelman Web Consulting

The entrepreneur shares how he grew his business from a one-man show to a team of fifteen

Entrepreneur Paul Teitelman of Paul Teitelman SEO Consulting.

Tell us about yourself and your role within your company.

I’m a professional SEO consultant and link building expert based in Toronto; I make a living helping businesses rank higher organically on Google. I absolutely love SEO and digital marketing and have been passionately working in the industry for over ten years. My company is called Paul Teitelman SEO Consulting; check out the company webpage for more information and tons of awesome free SEO tips and insights.

I started off as one of the first team members at Canada’s largest SEO company back in 2008. After a few years honing my skills there, I decided in October of 2011 to start my own SEO consulting company. Back then, I was one of the very first full-time SEO consultants in Canada—and I now proudly oversee a team of fifteen dedicated SEO and content specialists.

We proudly serve our growing list of clients across many verticals and work on a range of project scopes. We work directly with clients while also offering white-labelled services to several digital marketing agencies across North America.

What is the most rewarding part about being an entrepreneur? What keeps you passionate and driven to succeed?

Every day I wake up and am excited to go to work. Being constantly challenged and always learning about SEO and my clients’ products and services is a driving force in my life. That’s probably one of the most rewarding parts of being an entrepreneur: Tapping into and trying to harness that entrepreneurial drive to the best of your ability.

There’s something beautifully rewarding about providing high-quality SEO services and delivering on what many people think is impossible or difficult: Hitting the coveted top of page one for your targeted keywords. Checking those keyword rankings on the search engines and seeing the rankings climb for your clients’ targeted keywords is a natural rush—it never gets old!

I’ve gone from a one-man operation to boasting a team of fifteen full-time team members. It’s been quite a journey and I am just so proud of everyone on our team. Working in SEO is very challenging, but doing so alongside amazing, quality people that I respect and enjoy spending time with is incredible.

"To think that I’ve been a positive and driving force in their lives as they grow professionally and take on more responsibility holds a lot of value for me."

That is another amazing thing about being an entrepreneur: creating jobs for others. For instance, I’ve worked with my brother (my best bud!) for over five years now; that’s pretty special and something I cherish every day.

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, with more and more Canadians using digital marketing tools to drive more leads and increase sales. For you, what are some key concepts or strategies that you suggest for small business owners?

SEO! SEO! SEO! Seriously though, the power of being found at the top of the search engines when someone is typing in a query related to your product, service or company is some of the best targeted traffic a business can ask for. I truly believe that every single business needs to actively invest in SEO and content creation, if they aren’t already.

When it comes to creating amazing content and succeeding in SEO, it all comes down to my four-step process:

  1. Keyword Research: identifying specific keywords you want to target
  2. Content Mapping: grouping keywords together and mapping out their targeted pages
  3. On-Page Optimization: optimizing each page and “theming” them for their keywords
  4. Link Building: getting other niche-relevant and authoritative sites to link back to you

At the end of the day, fresh content and links are like food for the search engines. If you aren’t consistently generating quality content on your own site or getting other websites to link back to you, there is absolutely no reason for Google to rank you higher. By following the four-step process and adopting an SEO-first mindset when it comes to content creation, targeted keywords and levels of organic traffic will start to climb.

What advice do you have for aspiring and prospering business owners when it comes to taking their business to the next level?

Focus on the fundamentals and don’t get sidetracked. The digital marketing landscape can get confusing and overwhelming fast.

"Focus on one major initiative at a time, but keep in mind from the start how all the various strategies interact and are related to each other."

I often see clients try to take on too much at once and end up struggling as a result.

When it comes to that next level, it all starts with getting more traffic to your website. One of the best ways to increase traffic is by improving your SEO efforts. Invest in creating amazing SEO-optimized content, building quality backlinks to your website and promoting your content. Embrace SEO and stick with it. Great SEO campaigns take a while to yield the best results; trust in the process and stay motivated.

Lastly, measure performance from day one. Keeping track of whether or not your digital marketing initiatives are helping you achieve your goals is absolutely crucial to your long-term success.

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