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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: bending the rules for business phones

Samsung's newest mobile marvel makes an ideal companion for visionary executives

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

If you're in an industry where it pays to leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues, Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip will do the trick. The Korean smartphone maker's newest mobile features an innovative screen with an ultra-thin glass display that folds in half, making it a boardroom showstopper bound to break the ice even in the chilliest of meetings.

If you value your image as a technologically savvy and visionary leader, the Galaxy Z Flip should hold a spot on your smartphone shopping shortlist when it launches on the Rogers network February 21st. Fantastic when folded or flat, the Galaxy Z Flip really stands out.

A more functional form

Bigger screens reduce eye strain and make it easier to do your job on the go. But, as screens have grown, our phones have become more unwieldy. The Galaxy Z Flip's innovative folding design makes it much more manageable than traditional devices. It slides easily into smaller pockets, fits naturally in your hand during use, and can be set up to stand securely on flat surfaces without the help of additional accessories.

Two halves are greater than the whole

The Galaxy Z Flip's Infinity Flex display with ultra-thin glass provides a spacious 6.7-inches of real estate to help get more done. Its generous size when unfolded delivers an exemplary full-screen experience. Better still, the two distinct display halves can be leveraged for discrete multitasking, making it possible to do things like participate in a video conference while checking your email.

Set your hands free

A hinged display means the Galaxy Z Flip can be positioned to sit securely at any angle on a flat surface. This opens the door to hands-free video conferencing akin to a laptop experience. It also makes it much easier to set up the Z Flip's ultrawide lens camera for a timed shutter release while you and your colleagues get in position for a picture.

Designed to keep you in the loop

Thanks to a clever cover screen that displays notifications, there's no need to worry about missing important messages when the Galaxy Z Flip is closed. See a note that requires immediate attention? The corresponding app will automatically open as you flip up the primary screen, facilitating contextual continuity and seamless train of thought.