Call Display with Missing Area Codes


  • Your call display is not displaying the area code before the phone number on incoming calls from the same area code or calls fail when you attempt to auto dial from the previous caller menu on your phone for calls in the same area code.
  • Example: A phone preset to area code 416 receives a call from 416-456-1234 but the call display will show 456-1234.
    • Since 10-digit dialing is mandatory in most areas, using the phone set to redial the number as displayed will fail.
    • If the default area code is removed from the phone set, 416-456-1234 will appear on the display.


  • Some phone sets have a default area code programmed into the phone.


  1. The area code preset should be removed or disabled from the phone set.
    • You will have to refer to the instruction book that came with the phone.
  2. If the issue still continues contact a Home Phone Technical Support Consultant