Why does the Rogers Home Phone Modem need a battery?

The Rogers Home Phone Modem contains a battery to help it stay connected during a power outage for up to 5 hours. Note, you may still experience an interruption in service if the cause of a power outage has also resulted in damage or degradation to the Rogers network.

The battery light tells you its current status. There are 3 different ways it will do this.

How does the modem’s battery backup work?

The battery backup inside the Rogers Home Phone Modem only powers the modem. Cordless and some digital corded phones that also plug into power will need their own source of electricity if the power is interrupted in your area. You may want to keep one old-style corded unpowered phone available for use during outages or purchase an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for your powered phone set.

This means the battery is not installed correctly or has been removed from the Rogers Home Phone Modem.

To try and fix this, remove and replace the battery. These articles can help you with that:

If the battery light does not turn back on after you’ve replaced the battery, or if the battery is missing, contact Home Phone Technical Support for assistance.

The modem will periodically discharge the battery to help prevent the battery life from being reduced by holding it at full charge all the time. The battery light will start flashing during this process as the charge starts to get low and go solid again once the battery has been recharged sufficiently.

This should only take a few hours. If the light is constantly flashing all the time, then the battery is no longer able to hold a full charge. Contact Home Phone Technical Support for assistance.

What does it mean when the modem’s battery light is off or flashing, but “Power,” “Tel 1” and “Tel 2” are the only other lights on?

This means your Rogers Home Phone Modem is currently not getting power from the outlet and the battery is discharging (light is off) or running out of power (light is flashing).

To fix this:

  1. Make sure that the your Rogers Home Phone Modem is still connected to an electrical outlet with a power cord.
  2. Confirm that the electrical outlet the Rogers Home Phone Modem is plugged into is still providing power by plugging another device into the exact same outlet or plugging the Home Phone Modem itself into an outlet you know works.
    • Important: If the modem is connected to a power bar or an outlet that’s controlled by a light switch on the wall, make sure they’re still turned on. In the case of a power bar, you should also try plugging the modem directly into the wall outlet instead.
    • If the wall outlet is no longer providing power, you’ll need to reach out a local electrician or contractor for assistance. Our Rogers Technicians cannot fix this and will only be able to move the Rogers Home Phone Modem closer to a working power outlet.

If your wall outlet is still providing power, your Rogers Home Phone Modem should return to the normal light pattern once you complete the steps above. If it doesn’t, contact Home Phone Technical Support for assistance.

I have Ignite Home Phone. Does my phone’s modem have battery backup?

Ignite Home Phone runs on the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem, which does not offer battery backup. For the Ignite Home Phone service, we recommend you purchase a separate Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) from a local or online electronics retailor if you are concerned about power interruptions. This can also help to keep your internet active during outages.