What is Home & Away Online Manager and how do I use it?

Home & AwayTM Online Manager lets you manage and customize your home phone calling features from anywhere, anytime through your MyRogers account. Now you can forward calls, change your ring settings, manage privacy settings, and more — at your convenience from any computer with Internet access.

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Call Forwarding

Forward All My Calls

Forward your calls to an alternate number when you’re away from your home phone.

Forward Friends & Family Calls

Set up a list of friends and family contacts, and forward calls from the list to your mobile phone or office line.

Forward Busy & Unanswered Calls 

Whenever your home phone line is busy or nobody picks up, incoming calls will be forwarded to a number of your choosing.

Keep in mind: This feature is only available if you don’t subscribe to Home & AwayTM voicemail.


Block or Allow Select Calls

Control which calls reach you and when you want to receive them.

Do Not Disturb

When Do Not Disturb is on, calls won’t reach your home phone — they’ll either be sent directly to voicemail or a busy signal (your choice). Or you can set it so that calls from your friends and family go straight to voicemail and other callers receive a message stating that you’re unavailable. Either way, you’ll always be notified with a soft ring splash sound when a caller has tried to reach you.

Note: Privacy settings won’t block any calls received on a distinctive ring telephone number.

Ring Settings

Unique Ring

Set a unique ring to identify calls from your family and friends or long-distance callers.


Contact List

View and manage your contact list in Online Manager.

Speed Call List

Assign Speed Call codes to the people on your contact list you talk to the most.

How do I order Home & Away Online Manager?

To add this convenient and powerful feature to your account, contact us over the phone or via Live Chat.

How do I access Home & Away Online Manager?

  1. Sign in to your MyRogers account.
    • If you're experiencing difficulties signing in, you can recover your MyRogers username or password.
    • Don't have a MyRogers account? Register one to manage your services.
  2. Select Home Phone.
  3. Select Home & Away Online Manager.
  4. Select the phone number you want to manage.
  5. Select Continue to open the Home & Away Online Manager home screen.