Understanding Dual-Band and Band Steering

Rogers WiFi modems come with dual-band support for two frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, meaning you have access to two different WiFi networks in your home.

Read on to learn more about this technology and how you can use band steering to automatically connect your devices to the best frequency in your home.

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What is dual-band WiFi technology?

Most Rogers modems are dual-band devices, meaning they generate two Wi-Fi networks (frequency bands) at the same time to help maximize signal strength and speed for multiple devices. For newer laptops, tablets and smartphones that support connectivity to both bands, you should see two options to connect to your modem when you check for available Wi-Fi networks: one for the common 2.4 GHz band and another for the less common 5 GHz band. By default, the 5 GHz band will have the same password and network name but with “-5G” added to the end of the network name.

What is band steering?

Band steering automatically connects your devices to the best available WiFi frequency in your home. Most WiFi modems come with two frequencies – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz – and ask you to choose between them when connecting a device to your home network. 

Many Rogers modems support band steering, meaning when enabled you don’t need to choose which frequency will best support your device – the modem does it for you automatically!

Which Rogers modems come with band steering enabled?

  • Ignite WiFiTM Gateway (XB6) modem
  • Wall-to-Wall WiFiTM equipment
  • Hitron CODA-4582 modem
  • Hitron AC Family modems

When band steering is enabled, how do Rogers modems and equipment decide which WiFi frequency is best?

If your device is 5 GHz-compatible, your modem or equipment will automatically try to connect you to that frequency. This makes sure that, when possible, your devices get the benefits of the 5 GHz frequency – meaning faster speeds and less radio interference – but will constantly, seamlessly be connected to the most powerful frequency at any given time.

Do I need to enable band steering on my Rogers modem or equipment?

The Ignite WiFi Gateway (XB6) modem comes with this enabled by default. If you want to make sure it’s on, check out How to ensure band steering is on for the Ignite WiFi Gateway.

The newer Hitron modems also come with band steering, but only the latest ones newly installed with the latest firmware will have it enabled by default.

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