Activate or change a Physical SIM Card

Change a Physical SIM card for an existing line

Change my Physical SIM using the MyRogers app

  1. Sign in to your MyRogers app.
  2. From the Phone tab, select Change SIM.
  3. Click on the phone number that you wish to switch to eSIM. We’ll send a verification code to this number.
  4. Enter the verification code you received and select Confirm code.
  5. Select Physical SIM or eSIM Voucher.
  6. Under Change to Physical SIM, enter the 20-digit number from your new physical SIM card. Select Save and Continue.
  7. Under Review, select Submit. A message confirming that you'd like to continue will appear.
  8. Select Submit again then restart your device to change to the new SIM.

Change my Physical SIM using MyRogers

  1. Sign in to your MyRogers account.
  2. From the Overview tab, select Manage beside the line that you’d like to switch.
  3. From the Device financing payment section, select Manage SIM. The Change SIM screen will appear.
  4. Select Change SIM. We’ll send a verification code to the number that you’ve selected.
  5. Enter the verification code you received on your device, then select Continue.
  6. Under Enter your new SIM card details, select Physical SIM.
  7. Enter the 20-digit SIM number of your new SIM card then select Save and Continue.
  8. Review the details then select Proceed to confirmation.
  9. Restart your device then select Done to activate your eSIM.

Activating a new line

When you activate a new line, your SIM card is ready to use. Insert it into your device to get connected. If you’re bringing your number from another service provider, you’ll need to take a few more steps to get set up. Learn how to transfer your existing number to Rogers.

How to find your SIM card number

The ICCID is the identification number of your SIM card. It’s a unique 20-digit number printed on your SIM card that starts with 89302.


You can also find your SIM card number in your device settings:


  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select About.
  4. Scroll down until you see the ICCID number.


It’s best to turn off your phone and take the SIM card out. You’ll see the SIM card number on the card itself as most Android devices don’t have a way to find the SIM card number using the phone’s settings.