What is a Certified Pre-Owned Device?

It’s a refurbished device that is fully functional and as good as new.

Completely restored:

All of Rogers’s Certified Pre-Owned Devices are minimally used devices and have been completely restored. They look like new overall, but might have minor marks or scuffs visible upon close inspection only.

Thoroughly tested:

These devices are data wiped, then thoroughly tested by qualified technicians. The latest software version is also installed to ensure you get a fresh experience with a fully functional device.



How do you test your Certified Pre-Owned Devices? What steps do you take?

All our refurbished phones undergo thorough inspection and testing in these areas:

  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are checked; Test calls are placed to ensure connections are seamless.
  • Audio – Microphone, earpiece, and loudspeaker are checked to ensure proper talking and listening volumes.
  • Camera – Flash, video, lenses, and front and rear cameras are tested to ensure they’re all functioning well.
  • Display – Display screen and touchscreen are tested to ensure there are no dead pixels and that all gestures are properly detected.
  • Sensors – All included sensors are checked (i.e., light, gyroscope and accelerometer) to ensure optimal performance.
  • Buttons & Menu Keys – These are all individually inspected to ensure they are functioning properly.

Please note: we sanitize all refurbished devices with isopropyl alcohol (70%) prior to shipment.

What is included with my purchase of a Certified Pre-Owned Device?

All Certified Pre-owned devices come with a charging cable.

What is the return/exchange policy for a Certified Pre-Owned smartphone?

Just like with any of our brand-new devices, your Certified Pre-Owned device can be returned or exchanged as per the return policy.

Do Certified Pre-Owned Devices come with a warranty?

Absolutely! When you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Device, the warranty is

  • 6 months for Apple devices.
  • 12 months for Android smartphones & tablets.
If your device was sent as a warranty replacement, your warranty is 90 days from the date of replacement or the original 1-year period, whichever is longer. Please contact us for more details.

How do I return or exchange a certified pre-owned device that I purchased online?

If you have any issues or concerns about a certified pre-owned device that you purchased here on Rogers.com, please contact us and we’ll help you out.