How does financing work?

Financing allows customers on approved credit to finance phones, tablets, and smartwatches for $0 down. You’ll pay off the total financed amount through equal monthly payments over a 24-month period. There is 0% interest on financing.

To finance a phone, tablet, cellular-enabled smartwatch (e.g., Apple Watch), or mobile internet device, you must have an eligible postpaid plan.


How are taxes charged on financing?

Taxes are charged on the full retail price of the device and will be financed in equal monthly payments over your financing term.

Where can I get financing?

Financing for phones:

  • Available online, in Rogers stores and by contacting customer service

Financing for tablets, cellular-enabled smartwatches and mobile internet devices:

  • Available in Rogers stores and by contacting customer service

Which devices can I finance?

You can finance all phones, tablets, mobile internet devices, and cellular-enabled smartwatches. All devices can be financed over 24 months. At the moment, financing is not available for Wireless Home Phone.

What is the difference between Easy Pay, Edge Financing and financing?

Easy Pay® and Edge FinancingTM were recently renamed, and our financing program is now called “financing”.

How will my financing payments appear on my bill?

Financed Devices:

Your monthly device financing payments and monthly financed taxes will appear as separate amounts in the Additional Charges and Credits section, within the Wireless section of your bill. You can also view a Financing Program Details chart which highlights the total financed amount for your device, how much of your total device financing balance you’ve already paid, and your total remaining device financing balance. If you’ve received a financing program promotion, that credit amount will appear in the Monthly Charges section of your wireless bill and will reduce your monthly wireless service charges.

Can I make an upfront down payment or lump sum payment with financing? How does it work?

You can make an upfront down payment when financing a device (available in-store only). You can also make lump-sum pre-payment towards your outstanding device financing balance anytime by contacting customer service. Please note that any payment will reduce your monthly financing payment.

How do I check my outstanding financing balance?

You can check your outstanding financing balance for phones, tablets, cellular-enabled smartwatches and mobile internet devices, by logging into your MyRogers account online or via the app and clicking on Usage Services, then Wireless Usage.

How many devices can I purchase on financing?

You can finance all your phones, tablets, mobile internet devices and cellular-enabled smartwatches, based on how many lines you’ve been approved for.

Can I change my Rogers Infinite plan if I financed my device?

Yes, if you currently have a Rogers Infinite plan, you can switch to another Infinite plan without any changes to your financing agreement or monthly financing payments.

I want to change or cancel my wireless service. How will this affect my financing agreement?

Your financing agreement will be cancelled and the outstanding financing balance will be charged, if you:

  • cancel your wireless service for the device that you have financed (including non-payment);
  • transfer your wireless service to another account;
  • change your price plan to an ineligible plan (e.g., moving from a postpaid Infinite plan to a Talk-and-Text plan)

If you upgrade to a new phone with financing; the outstanding financing balance for your phone will be charged.

What happens if I want to upgrade my phone?

You can upgrade your phone at any time after the first month. However, you will need to pay off your total outstanding device financing balance first, before being able to get a new device.

What if I change my mind? Is there a return policy for financed devices?

Our return policy for Rogers devices purchased with financing is that the device must be returned within 15 days of activation (either the date of purchase in-store or the date the order was shipped). The device must be returned in "like new" condition, including all original parts, components and packaging with receipt.

Who is eligible for financing?

New and existing Rogers customers (subject to approved credit) are eligible.

To finance a phone, tablet, cellular-enabled smartwatch (e.g. Apple Watch), or mobile Internet device, you must have an eligible postpaid plan.

Does Save & Return work with device financing?

Yes, you can get Save & ReturnTM with financing on select phones. Visit our Save & Return page for more details.

Can I trade in my old phone and apply the value to my new device cost?

Yes. In any Rogers store you can trade-in your old phone and the use the trade-in value to reduce your monthly financing payments for your new device. In customer care or online, any trade-in value on your old phone will be applied as a credit after you get a new phone with financing.

Can I get Device Protection or AppleCare+ for a financed phone?

Yes, you can still get Device Protection or AppleCare+ for a financed phone. Visit our Device Protection page to learn more.