What is Dual SIM?

Dual SIM offers the convenience of having two or more phone numbers on a single device. You can have separate personal and business numbers, or add a second line when travelling internationally.

The phone numbers can be on the same account, on different accounts, or from different carriers.

Which Devices support Dual SIM?

This is the list of devices that support Dual SIM:

  • iPhone XS/XR onwards
  • Google Pixel 3 onwards
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 series onwards 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note series onwards 
  • Samsung Z Fold/Flip4 onwards
  • Motorola Razr+

What are the benefits of Dual SIM?

  • you can use one number for business and another for personal, without needing multiple devices
  • You can add a local data plan when you travel outside the country

What will I need to activate Dual SIM?

  • A device which supports Dual SIM.
  • an eSIM card
  • An active cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

How do I complete a Dual SIM activation?

How does Dual SIM work on my iPhone?

With iOS 13, both of your lines can make and receive voice and FaceTime calls and send and receive messages using iMessage, SMS, and MMS. Your iPhone can use one cellular data network at a time.

Each line on your iPhone will have a default name of either “Primary” or “Secondary” to distinguish between numbers. In the Cellular Settings of your iPhone, you can also customize your own name for each line. For example, you can name your lines “Work” and “Personal”.

How to make and receive calls

  • For outgoing calls, you can choose between the Primary and Secondary number. While you’re on a call, Primary or Secondary label will display on your device.
  • For incoming calls, the first letter of each label (“P” or “S”) will display on your iPhone so you can identify each line.

How to send and Receive Messages

  • For outgoing messages, you can choose between the Primary and Secondary number.
  • For incoming messages, it is a single inbox and there is no “P” or “S’ label. 

To Learn more about how Dual SIM works for iPhone, visit https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT209044

For Dual SIM on iPhone are both lines connected to the network at all times?

Both lines are connected to the network at all times and you can make and receive calls from either phone number. With iOS 13, when you're on a call on one number, if your other phone number supports Wi-Fi calling, you can answer incoming calls on your other number. You will need to turn on Allow Cellular Data Switching when you are on a call that isn't your default data line. If you ignore the call and you have voicemail set up, you’ll get a missed-call notification and the call will go to voicemail. To Learn more about how Dual SIM works for iPhone, visit https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT209044

What Rate plan options will be available for my two lines?

You can activate either line on any in-market rate plan.

If I have data on both lines, which data bucket will I use and be billed for?

  • Both lines can support data services; however, you can only access one line’s data bucket at a time. You can set and change the default data bucket through your iPhone’s “Cellular Settings”
  • Your data usage will come out of the data feature you have defaulted to in your iPhone’s “Cellular Settings”.
  • For example, during work hours, you can use the data from your “Work” line, and after work, you can switch to your “Personal” line. For more details, please visit https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT209044 .
  • You will continue to receive data usage notifications from Rogers when using a Rogers line.

How does FaceTime and iMessage work with Dual SIM on my iPhone?

With iOS 13, you can use FaceTime and iMessage on either or both of your lines. Visit https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT209044 to learn more.

How will I be billed for Voice and Text?

Voice and messaging are calculated according to the plan for each line. With Dual SIM, you have the choice of which phone number to use for each call and text.

What happens when I roam?

Just as you can choose which line to call, message or use data from while in Canada, you can do the same while you roam. Roaming charges will apply to both lines individually based on usage. You can use Roam Like Home on one or both lines and will be charged separately for each line.

Please note: roaming notifications from Rogers for both lines are received in the same message thread. It’s important to pay attention to the line indicator (Line 1 or Line 2) in the thread so you can tell which line you are using for roaming, especially if you have different roaming features on each line.

Will E9-1-1 and T9-1-1 work on both lines?

  1. Both lines have the capability to dial 9-1-1. Where E9-1-1 is available, the caller’s number and approximate location will be provided, regardless of the line used.
  2. For T9-1-1, you must register each line separately. Register for T9-1-1: