Wireless Data Management FAQs

Have questions about how to take advantage of worry-free data management available on Infinite share plans and Share Everything plans through MyRogers free? Read on!

If you're looking for step-by-step guides on how to use the data features in MyRogers, check out How to monitor, set alerts and switch off wireless data in MyRogers instead.

Assigning a Data Manager

Only the Data Manager can set customized real-time* alerts* for each line, add more data, and stop data access for certain lines for the remainder of the billing cycle. If there is no Data Manager assigned on your plan, then only the primary line can set alerts, add data, and manage data access.

Who can be a Data Manager?

Anyone on your Infinite share plan can be the Data Manager. 

Can I change the Data Manager?

Yes, if you want to change Data Managers later, the account holder has the option to do so from the Wireless Dashboard page in MyRogers online or from within the MyRogers app.

What do other lines get to see?

Other lines (who aren't the account holder or Data Manager) still see how much data they're using through the MyRogers app, but don't have the same settings and views available to them. All lines will be able to see who the Data Manager is.

What happens if the Data Manager leaves the account?

The account holder will need to make a Data Manager change from their MyRogers account. No alerts will be sent until the new Data Manager sets the alerts up again.

Can the Data Manager see which websites I visit or the apps I use?

No, the Data Manager only sees your data usage. They don't see the websites you visit, and we don't track this information in MyRogers.

How do I change the name displayed on a line?

You can change the name of a line by changing the Caller ID details for that line. To learn more about how to do this, visit our Wireless Caller ID, Call Display, and Name Display FAQs, select How do I change my name (Caller ID) that others see when I call?, and follow the steps provided. After following the steps in that question the name displayed will be immediately updated.

Keep in mind: Only the first name of the Caller ID is displayed for each line on your account when viewing in MyRogers.

Setting up Real-Time* Alerts

Your account's Data Manager can set different data alerts for each line through MyRogers. Want to keep an eye on the kids? No problem! Both the account's Data Manager and the individual line member will receive a text message when the set data alert is reached.

I'm the Data Manager. How do I know what the ideal data alerts to set?

It depends on your management style. Let's look at two examples:

  1. Sarah's plan has three lines sharing 4GB. She's the Data Manager and sets a 2GB data alert for her daughter, 1GB for herself and 500MB for her partner based on each person's historical usage. She wants to know what's going on before her family uses all its included data. Once her daughter uses 2GB on her line, both Sarah (the Data Manager) and her daughter will get a text message.
  2. Robert's plan has 4 lines sharing 10GB. His son Fred is the Data Manager and provides each family member with 2.5GB so they share the plan equally. Fred's always on his phone and checks MyRogers throughout the month to see if any family member needs extra data.

How do Real-time* alerts differ from the other data alerts Rogers sends me?

    • Real-time* alerts: Your account's Data Manager can customize the data alerts for each line for worry-free data management. Plus, the main line will still get the account level automatic alerts they're already used to receiving.
    • Automatic alerts: let you know that you’ve reached 75, 90 and 100% of your total shared data.
    • Data cap alerts: As part of meeting the CRTC’s Wireless Code requirements, we’ve created data caps to prevent our customers from accidentally going above the domestic data overage limit of $50 and the roaming data charge limit of $100 in a single bill cycle. When your account reaches either limit, you’ll receive an alert, and your data access will be paused. Data access can be restored when the account holder or an authorized user consents to additional charges.

      If you’re the account holder or an authorized user and anticipate a month of heavy data use, but you don’t want to be notified or have your data paused at the domestic data overage limit or the roaming data charge limit:
      • Text GO to 3330 to pre-consent to domestic overage charges above $50 for your current bill cycle.
      • Or text GOROAM to 3330 to pre-consent to roaming data charges above $100 for your current bill cycle

Learn more about the Wireless Code >

Does my access to data stop if I get an alert?

This will depend on the type of alert. Rogers will automatically send you alerts when you use up certain amounts of data (e.g.: 90% of your monthly data limit).

Once a line reaches the automatic data alert limit, your account’s Data Manager can set a new alert, add more data, pause data access through MyRogers, or leave the alert settings as-is. If the alert settings stay the same, then nothing changes, and you can continue using data. However, if you go over your plan’s data limit, you'll be charged the standard data overage rates for your plan.

We will also send you an automatic alert when your account reaches the domestic overage data cap of $50 in a single billing cycle. Unless you’ve consented in advance to additional charges, your data access will be paused once you hit this cap.

Can I set more than just one alert for a family member?

Your Data Manager can set one alert per family member, but they can change them as more data is used during your billing cycle.

This means that the Data Manager can monitor all the data closely, even rebalancing alerts based on the total shared data used by all members on the plan.

Do I get charged for these real-time* data alerts?

No, they're text messages and incoming messages are free.

I set alerts for my tablet, rocket stick or hotspot. How will they get the alert?

If the devices support text messaging, then you'll get the alert on the device. No worries though, your account's Data Manager will get the alert, too.

Pausing data

Data access is the ability to use mobile data. Your account's Data Manager can pause data access for any user at any time for the rest of the billing cycle.

Keep in mind: You cannot use Family Data Manager to pause data when roaming with Pay-Per-Use-Rates.

What happens if a line has their data access paused?

They'll get a text message letting them know their Data Manager has limited their access. They can still use all their other services and use data through Wi-Fi.

Who can switch data access back on?

Only the Data Manager or someone with the MyRogers username and password can restore the access.

How long does the block last?

Until your new billing cycle starts or even sooner if the Data Manager decides to restore access manually. When that happens, the line that had its data connection limited will get a text to let them know their data is back on.

General Information

Which devices are compatible?

You can manage your data worry-free in MyRogers from your computer or smartphone's web browser. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can also manage your data using the MyRogers app.

Can MyRogers show me how much data each of my apps use?

MyRogers does not collect data usage info for specific apps. You can find out this information directly from your Apple or Android device.

To learn more, see Tips to manage wireless data usage, and scroll to Check what apps are driving your usage.

Why do MyRogers and my device show different data usage amounts?

Tracking data through your device's settings may not always give you a totally accurate view of how much you've used. This is because your device and our network track data usage differently. Your device tracks data usage from the data it receives, while our network tracks data usage from data that it sends out.

Here are some situations that could cause a discrepancy:

  • Streaming a video and briefly losing connection (e.g., in an elevator)
  • Creating a personal or mobile hotspot (i.e. tethering your device)
  • Using background data (e.g., not receiving background data our network sends while you're on the subway)

If you do notice a discrepancy, use MyRogers as your source for how much Wireless data you've used and how much you have left for the month.

What's the difference between worry-free data through MyRogers and non-Rogers monitoring apps?

Your account's Data Manager can see usage for all the lines in the account from a single device. There's no need to install and manage multiple apps across multiple devices.

Plus, the Data Manager can add more data with a Data Add-on or even pause a different line's data (until the end of the billing cycle). That's not something a 3rd party app can do!

Will my alerts and monitoring work when I'm travelling with Roam Like Home?

It'll work exactly as you'd expect across Canada and in any of our over 100 destinations available through Roam Like HomeTM.

What happens when I'm on Wi-Fi?

Worry-free data management through MyRogers only counts usage from your monthly plan. Wi-Fi is separate from your mobile service, so we wouldn't count that as data usage.

If I go over the data included in my plan, will I still get charged extra?

If you are not on an Infinite plan, you'll be charged the standard data overage rates for your plan. But you can minimize overage charges by adding a Monthly Data Add-on to your plan before or after you go over your data limit. If you do this after you go over your limit, any existing overage charges you have incurred will remain on your account. Log in to MyRogers to see your specific overage rates. You can also check out our tips on how to limit your wireless data overage.

*Alerts delivered via SMS notification may be delayed if receipt of SMS notifications is restricted for any reason, including due to network coverage or availability; in such an event, customers should proactively check their usage to prevent overage charges that may be incurred.