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Three questions to ask about your corporate wireless service

Finding the right wireless solution for your company can be an overwhelming task. Here are three things to look for to ensure that your solution meets your business needs.

Many companies now encourage employees to use mobile devices for business. In fact, almost 43 percent of the global workforce will be mobile by 2022[1].

Mobility gives teams the flexibility they need to be productive from any device and location. However, companies often don’t take full advantage of their wireless mobility services. They think wireless simply means giving employees smartphones.

But a wireless provider should be more than just a phone vendor. Choosing the right partner can help you empower employees to work worry-free – whether they are road warriors or simply need to stay productive as they move throughout the office. The right partner will also ease your administrative burden so employees stay focused on the business instead of managing their plans.

To achieve these benefits, here are three questions to ask before you choose a wireless solution for your company:

1. Are we getting flexibility?

As your business evolves, look for a provider flexible enough to anticipate and accommodate your changing needs. Your wireless plan should give everyone in your company the right amount of data at the best rates. For example, some plans allow employees to contribute to a large, shared pool of data that adjusts as you add or remove people. This means that you don’t need to monitor individual usage and can worry less about unplanned spikes in a single user’s data consumption – you get a pre-defined set of services for a predictable, monthly cost.

2. Can our employees travel without worrying about roaming?

Mobile devices make employees more productive when they are abroad … but only if they aren’t worried about roaming charges. Look for solutions that let employees work abroad just like they would at home. For example, roaming options should kick in automatically. This reduces employee “to do” lists, as they don’t need to add and remove roaming packs before and after trips. It also ensures that they are always covered at fixed, daily rates when they travel and don’t need to hunt for WiFi just to send and receive email.

3. Are we getting the support we need?

When your wireless provider gives you a dedicated account rep, you will always speak with someone who knows you and understands your company’s needs. With a dedicated advisor, you won’t need to explain your situation to several people before finding help. Conversant with your business and usage needs, dedicated support people often resolve the majority of problems on the first call – getting you back to business even faster.

Flexible wireless plans, worry-free roaming and a dedicated partner who knows your business can make your job – and your life – easier. When your wireless services are simple to manage, you will spend less time coordinating telecommunications and more time focusing on what matters to your company. Meanwhile, you will ensure that employees have the tools to succeed wherever they need to be.