Returning rental equipment

To return a phone, tablet, or other Wireless accessories see Returning a Wireless phone or accessory. 

To return unused/disconnected Rogers rental equipment (and to avoid unreturned equipment fees!) just ship it back to us at no charge.

We’ve partnered with Canada Post to offer you a convenient, no-charge return of your rental equipment. To avoid fees, you must return all rental equipment.

If you have already received a return authorization email, please follow the steps provided in that email to return your equipment. The steps are also outlined below. You can also watch our helpful how-to videos, whether you want to print your return label at home or at a Canada Post location.

Before you begin:

  • We’ll first need to authorize any return. Before returning equipment, please contact us if you haven’t already requested to cancel your current TV, internet, home phone, or home monitoring services.
  • See a list of items that should be returned, below.
  • If you’ve already been billed for unreturned equipment, keep in mind that credits for equipment charges can take up to 2 billing cycles to appear on your bill.

Canada Post Online (print at home):

  1. To register your package for return and to print a free return label, visit Canada Post online.
  2. Enter the Canada Post Return ID Number PR823007.
  3. Follow the directions on the Canada Post website to prepare your return label. A valid email address is required.
  4. Check your email (including your junk folder) for a copy of the return label. 
  5. Print the return label and securely pack the item(s) to be returned in a shipping-ready box.
  6. Attach the return label to the box and bring it to any Canada Post location to process the shipment.
  7. Please keep the tracking number provided in the email for your records.

Canada Post (print at Canada Post)

  1. Securely pack the item(s) to be returned in a cardboard box with all pre-existing labels covered or removed from the box.
  2. Visit any Canada Post location and provide the Canada Post Return ID Number PR823007.
  3. Attach the return label that is printed for you to the box, and hand the parcel to the agent to process the shipment.
  4. Please keep the tracking number provided in the email for your records.

The following rental items must be returned:


  • Internet modem (gateway) with power cord/power supply

Mesh (Wall-to-Wall WiFi)

  • eero Hub with power supply
  • eero Beacon(s)
  • Ignite WiFi Pods


  • Set top box with power supply
  • Remote control (Converter)

Remote Control (if exchanging)

  • Remote control (converter) being replaced

Home Monitoring

  • Touchpad with power supply
  • Black NetGear Wireless router with power supply

Home Phone