First Bill Charges

These charges are applicable to Smart Home Monitoring (SHM) customers who’ve activated new services or bought hardware.

Why are there partial charges for two different date ranges?

Since Rogers bills one month in advance, there may be partial charges on your first bill for the time between the start date of services (your activation date) and the billing date. As a result, there will be charges for two different date ranges: one from the service activation date to the billing date, and another one for your next full billing cycle.

For example:


If the billing period end-date is January 27th, the monthly charge ($19.99 for the Automate package) would include services from January 28th to February 27th. Because services were purchased on the January 27th billing end date, Rogers charges for that day ($19.99 ÷ 31 x 1 day = $0.64).


These are known as partial charges. They can be found under the heading One-time charges and credits in the Smart Home Monitoring section.

Why is there an installation fee?

On your first bill, you’ll have the installation fee to cover the costs for a Rogers technician to visit your home, install your services, ensure everything is working well, and identify any issues with your hardware.

If you have the Assure or Control package, you may have additional installation fees for setting up the hardware included in those packages (like a door lock or a thermostat).

If your SHM package includes an installation discount, you’ll still have the SHM System Install fee, but don’t worry — we’ll also apply a credit to cover the full installation fee.

How am I charged for SHM hardware?

All SHM plans (on a 3-year term) include a $0 upfront cost for all included hardware. You’ll have costs for each individual pieces of hardware, but don’t worry — we’ll also apply a credit to cover the full amount of these hardware charges.

If you’ve added hardware that isn’t included in your SHM package, you will have extra hardware charges.

How am I charged if I customize my hardware kit?

SHM services come in standard packages, each with a set of included pieces of hardware. Some kits can be customized for your specific needs

The charges for your customized hardware kit depend on what changes you make:

  • If the total cost of the kit is equal to or below the maximum hardware discount, you’ll receive a credit to cover its full cost.
  • If the total cost of the kit is above the maximum hardware discount, you’ll receive a credit for the maximum discount. There will be hardware charges for any amount above this maximum.

Want more details on the maximum hardware discount? Check out our  Smart Home Monitoring page. 

Why are there two different account balances on my online bill?

If you subscribe to online billing, you may have two different account balances when viewing an online bill in MyRogers. Here’s a breakdown of the different balances:

  • The amount at the top of your online bill beside the Required payment date is the full total, including all products. This is the balance that needs to be paid.
  • The balance displayed beside the service (like Smart Home Monitoring) is the subtotal for that specific product.