What Rogers products and services can I order online?

Here’s what you can order online via Rogers.com:

  • Rogers Wireless devices and plans
  • Smart Home Monitoring hardware
  • Upgrades to your existing Rogers plan or bundle

When will I receive my online order?

Pending inventory availability, your online order will be delivered within 2 to 5 business days. Most customers in the Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver areas will receive their order within 48 hoursDevices on pre-order or backorder will have longer estimated shipping dates which will be indicated at the time of purchase.

Will I receive a notification email when my online order has shipped?

Yes, you’ll get a shipment confirmation email, including a tracking number for your order. Some customers may also receive SMS messages from their courier when their order has shipped, so please check your MyRogers profile to make sure your contact number is up to date.

I’ve ordered my device or hardware, but I haven’t received a shipping confirmation. What’s going on?

If it’s been more than two business days since you’ve placed an online order for a device or piece of hardware currently available in the market and you’ve not yet received a shipment confirmation email, please contact us.

Note that if your device was on pre-order or backorder, your shipping timelines were indicated at the time of purchase and are longer than 2 to 5 business days.

What if I change my mind about my order while waiting for my call-back? Can I cancel it online?

Unfortunately, not at this time. A Rogers representative will call you back at your selected date and time and you’ll be able to cancel your order then.

If I’m not asked to select a call-back time during my transaction, does that mean my order is complete once I hit “Submit”?

Yes, you’ll receive an initial email within 24 hours of confirming your submitted order.

As an existing Rogers customer, where can I go to upgrade my device or hardware?

You can upgrade your Rogers Wireless device here.

You can order additional hardware for your Smart Home Monitoring system here.

IMPORTANT: After completing your order, please check your MyRogers profile to make sure your contact number is up to date as you may receive order updates from your courier.

As a new Rogers customer, where can I go to purchase new products or services?

You can order a new Rogers Wireless device here.

You can order new Smart Home Monitoring hardware here. To order the Smart Home Monitoring service, contact us.

As a new Rogers Wireless customer, can I bring my own phone or tablet and connect it to the Rogers LTE network?

Yes – you can either:

  • Bring your own phone or wireless-enabled tablet onto a no-commitment (No Term) monthly-tiered plan based on your data usage, or
  • Add it as an additional line onto a Rogers InfiniteTM plan, where data is shared on up to 10 devices.

Both of these options are available here.

When I order online as a new Rogers customer, I’m asked to select a call-back time for a representative to call me back. Does that mean my order is not complete, even after hitting “Submit”?

Yes, your order will be received by a dedicated representative who will call you back at a time of your choosing to discuss and process it your order. At that time, feel free to ask questions and find out if any other special offers can be applied.

Pay as You Go

Where on Rogers.com can I buy a Pay As You Go device?

To buy available Pay As You Go devices, contact us