Moving from Business Self-Serve to MyRogers FAQs

Moving to MyRogers

Why is my Business Self-Serve Wireless account being moved over to MyRogers?

In order to give you a better online experience, we are moving some wireless accounts over to MyRogers. These accounts will benefit directly from the wider range of services and helpful support tools that are only offered by MyRogers.

You’ll still find much of the same convenient features and functions offered by Business Self-Serve in MyRogers, and this move won’t significantly affect the way you manage your account online.

You will have to sign in to MyRogers to manage your Business Wireless account separately from your other accounts in Business Self-Serve after the move has occurred.

What are the benefits of moving to MyRogers from Business Self Serve?

Along with all the same convenience and functionality of Business Self-Serve, MyRogers gives you even more access to helpful support tools, self-serve features, and a few added services that include:

  • Easy and secure account management on the MyRogers app.
  • 24/7 support from our virtual assistant, Anna.
  • Simple password reset using SMS recovery.
  • Ability to check for network issues on Network Help & Outages.
  • A space to ask questions and get advice from fellow members on the Rogers Community Forum.
  • Rogers Pro On-the-GoTM service through Customer Care.
  • On-device diagnostics and more on the Rogers Repair Program.

You can find the full list of MyRogers features listed here.

Which Business Self-Serve accounts are not being moved over to MyRogers?

Wireless accounts that are consolidated with Cable, or Unison, IoT, and Rogers Business App Market (Microsoft 365, G Suite, etc.) services will remain in Business Self-Serve and are not affected by this process.

When will my Business Wireless account profile be moved over to MyRogers?

We’ll begin to move your Business Wireless account profile over to MyRogers starting in October 2020.

You will get an email with a link to set up your MyRogers profile. Your new MyRogers profile will have the same username as your Business account. However, you may be asked to set a new password in order to fully complete the registration.

Please note your MyRogers email address will be used for all future communications. If you wish to change this, you can log to MyRogers to update the information.

What features are affected by moving to MyRogers?

Although MyRogers offers several added features and services that are not included in Business Self-Serve, by moving to MyRogers, you’ll no longer be able to:

  • Access your bills from before April 2019. Please contact us if you need to access bills from before that period.
  • Have multiple profiles linked to your Business Wireless account.
  • Switch to paper billing. Please contact us if you’d like to receive paper billing.

You can find the full list of MyRogers features here

Would my Business Internet or Cable account be affected?

No, your Business Internet or Cable accounts are not affected by this process, only your Business Wireless account will be moved over to MyRogers. You can continue managing your Cable or Internet accounts by signing into Business Self-Serve with your existing profile.

However, after your Business Wireless account has been moved over to MyRogers, you’ll have to manage it separately by signing into MyRogers.

Setting up, registering, and linking MyRogers profile

How will I know when it’s time to set up a MyRogers profile for accessing my Business Wireless account?

We’ll send an email to the email address you used to sign up for your Business account. The email will include a link to set a password for your new MyRogers Profile.

What if I already have a MyRogers profile?

We’ll link your business wireless account profile to your existing MyRogers profile. If you sign into your MyRogers profile regularly, we’ll send you a notification email letting you know that we’ve linked the account to MyRogers.

If you haven’t signed into your MyRogers account in 3 months, then we’ll send you an email with a link to set a new password for your MyRogers profile.

What if I want to keep my personal and Business profile separate?

If you don’t want these two profiles to be linked after we’ve linked them, please follow these instructions to separate the accounts.

What if I had given multiple Business Self-Serve profiles access to my Business Wireless account?

If you are the primary account user, we will send an email to you with a link to set up a password for a new MyRogers profile. After we’ve linked the Business Wireless account to this new MyRogers profile, only the primary user will have access to the account. All other previously authorized profiles will no longer be able to access this account.

What if I’m not the primary account user of the account that has being moved over to MyRogers? Will I still have access to it?

Only the primary account user of that account will have access to it after it has been moved over to MyRogers. 

However, you can continue to access other Business accounts in Business Self-Serve that have not been moved.

How will I know who the primary account user is?

The primary account user is the person who initially received the communication for the move to MyRogers.

Why are some of my accounts not appearing on MyRogers?

When moving multiple accounts to MyRogers, it may take up to seven days for the changes to be completed. If you need immediate access, you can log into your account on Business Self-Serve and click the resend button for any accounts that are not displayed on MyRogers. You will not be required to set another password, simply login to your new MyRogers account and your accounts will updated automatically.

You can always set up a MyRogers profile by following these easy steps.

What if I don’t have an email username? How will I be able to access my account after it has been moved over MyRogers?

Please set up a MyRogers profile instead to access the account. You can do that by following these easy steps.

If you need further assistance with setting up the profile, please feel free contact us.

Other questions

What do I do if I need further assistance?

You can always contact us for any questions or help with your account. We are always available to help through our Live Chat or Customer Care.

What happens if I want to access my Business Wireless account through Business Self-Serve app?

After we’ve completed moving your Business Wireless account over to MyRogers, you will no longer be able to access it through Business Self-Serve app. Please download MyRogers app to access your business wireless account. You will still be able to check your data usage, view your bills, and make payments as you would in Business Self-Serve app.

Here are some of the added features in MyRogers app that are not found in Business Self-Serve app:

  • Manage your shared data with Data Manager
  • Find out about network issues and outage with MyNetwork.
  • Diagnose and resolve common device issues with Device Toolbox.

You can find the full list of MyRogers features listed here.