Preparing for your Ignite Professional Installation

If you’ve opted instead for self-installation of your Ignite products, follow the self-install instructions.

Set up your MyRogers account

Before your technician arrives, make sure you can access your MyRogers account and download the to your smartphone. MyRogers gives you access to the Ignite HomeConnect app required to complete your installation, as well as access to the Ignite TV app for access to your entertainment on the go.

You can set up or sign into your MyRogers account.

You can reset your MyRogers account username and password.

Follow these steps

  • Someone over the age of majority must be present during the installation and have permission to access your MyRogers account and the Ignite HomeConnect app during the setup process.
  • If the homeowner is unavailable during the appointment, a Letter of Permission is available here, and must be signed and presented to your technician to complete certain work (drilling, running new cables, placing temporary lines, etc.).
  • Make sure all outlets, coax cables and phone wall jacks that need to be activated for your services are easily accessible for the technician.
  • Secure and/or separate any pets from your technician and the workspace during the installation.
  • Ensure there are no condo or property restrictions for camera installation and that power outlets are located close to where your Ignite Camera will be installed. If your current doorbell isn't set up with a working chime and the appropriate voltage level (16 to 24 volts), you'll need to arrange for your electrician to install proper wiring before your Rogers technician appointment.

Health and safety protocols

Your Rogers technician will enter your home at their discretion, with everyone’s safety as a priority. If they are unable to safely enter and complete the installation, they'll discuss rescheduling your appointment.

Addressing the following conditions before your installation will help prevent any delay or reschedule of your installation:

  • an abundance of belongings obstructing the path or work area
  • unsecured pets
  • unsanitary conditions
  • pest or rodent infestation

Feeling unwell?

If you or someone in your home is experiencing symptoms of cold, influenza or COVID-19, please consider rescheduling your professional installation appointment.


How long will my Professional Installation take?

On your appointment day, your technician will arrive anytime within the 2-hour window provided. The Rogers EnRoute notification system will provide real-time updates of their arrival time. Once your technician arrives, completion of the installation is approximately 1-3 hours depending on the services being installed and existing cable conditions, and may need to work past the appointment scheduled time to complete the work.

What will be completed during my Professional Installation?

Your Rogers technician will make sure you can enjoy dependable WiFi, TV, Home Security, and/or Home Phone services by:

  • Verifying your home is ready for fibre-powered speeds up to 1 or 1.5 Gigabits per second, or up to 8 Gigabits per second for a fibre-powered connection direct to the home.
  • Providing expert recommendations to maximize WiFi signal strength in your home, making sure the network is secured with advanced WiFi encryption and testing the WiFi performance.
  • Installing and/or testing your Ignite equipment and verifying connectivity for your previously connected devices.

If I’m unavailable or at work, can my child(ren) let the technician in?

Someone over the age of majority must be home for the duration of the installation and have permission to access your MyRogers account and the Ignite HomeConnect app during the setup process.

What happens after the installation?

Your technician will clean up their work area, provide you with an overview of the Rogers apps, and review with you the innovative features available to help you get the most out of your new service.

How soon after the technician leaves can I use my new service(s)?

You'll be fully connected before the technician leaves your home and able to use your services right away.

What should I do if I have to reschedule or cancel my installation appointment?

Please contact us through Live Chat at least 48 hours before your originally scheduled installation appointment to reschedule or cancel. How can I learn more about how to use my new service(s)?

Please visit our support page and you can find out all about your new services, for example how to change your channels, and how to change your WiFi Password.