Understanding bill charges - General Billing

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Billing charges FAQ

Why is my bill higher than usual?

Here are some reasons why you may have a higher than expected bill:

Activating or changing plans

You’ll have partial charges on your bill if you’ve changed your plan or activated a new service during your billing cycle.

Learn more about partial charges for the following services:

TV / Internet / Home phone
Smart Home Monitoring

Using wireless data

Additional charges apply if you exceed your wireless data usage limit. Overage charges apply when you exceed the amount of data included in your price plan. Need more data? Switch to one of our Rogers InfiniteTM plans; they come with unlimited data there are no overage charges.

Learn more about data usage:

Wireless data overages
Internet data overages

You can also manage your family’s data usage through MyRogers.

Learn more about worry-free data management

Upgrading your device

You’ll have a Device Balance charge if you’ve recently upgraded your device while still within the term contract for your old device.

Learn more about how wireless device upgrades affect your bill.

Using your phone while travelling abroad

If you’ve used your phone while in another country, you may incur additional roaming charges. The charges will depend on whether your plan includes Roam Like HomeTM, or you’ve incurred pay-per-use roaming charges.

Learn more about roaming charges

Purchasing hardware

As part of your plan, you may need to purchase or rent necessary equipment.

Learn more about equipment charges:

TV / Internet equipment charges
Smart Home Monitoring equipment charges

Installing new services

Most of our services can be self-installed, meaning that you’ll only incur the Ignite Express Setup fee to activate your services on the Rogers network. Some of our services require professional installation by a Rogers technician, resulting in a Pro-Install Add-On fee.

Learn more about the Pro-Install Add-On and Ignite Express Setup fees:

TV / InternetWireless Home Phone installation charges

Smart Home Monitoring installation charges

Why are there charges on my bill for two different date ranges and what are partial charges?

Since Rogers bills one month in advance, there may be partial charges on your bill for the time between the start date of the services (service set up or change date) and the billing date. As a result, you’ll have charges for two different date ranges: one from the service set up or change date to the billing date and another for your next full billing cycle.

Here are some examples when you may have partial charges for different date ranges:

Signing up for new services

If you’re a new or existing customer that’s signed up for new services and you’ve received your first bill, there will be partial charges to cover the time from the date your service was set up and your bill date.

Partial charges apply to the following services:


TV / Internet / Home Phone

Smart Home Monitoring

Changing your plan

You’ll also have partial charges if you’ve changed your plan during your billing cycle. Your bill will also show adjustments for your old plan.

Changing your phone number

Your services and fees will be prorated if you change your wireless phone number during your billing cycle. You’ll have charges for two different date ranges:

1) From your last billing date until the day you change your phone number.

2) From the day your new phone number is active until the end of your current billing cycle.

Renting equipment

Since you may be renting equipment from Rogers to use your services, you could have partial equipment charges to cover rentals from your service activation date to the billing date.

Learn more about equipment charges on your TVInternet, or Smart Home Monitoring bill.

Why do I see a credit reversal?

If you make a change to your account that results in a promotion being removed, a credit reversal charge will be applied for the time the promotion was no longer active. The credit reversal will be labelled Reversal under the Monthly charges section. 

How will my financing payments appear on my bill?

Financed Devices

Your monthly device financing payments and monthly financed taxes will appear as separate amounts in the Additional Charges and Credits section, within the Wireless section of your bill.

You can also consult the Financing Program Details chart on your bill which highlights the total financed amount for your device, how much of your total device financing balance you’ve already paid and your total remaining device financing balance. If you’ve received a financing program promotion, that credit amount will appear in the Monthly Charges section of your wireless bill and will reduce your monthly wireless service charges. 

What are third-party charges (app purchases)?

If you’ve recently subscribed to or bought third-party services through Rogers, you’ll have additional charges. If the third-party service is part of a Rogers promotion, you’ll also get a credit to cover the cost.

Here is a common example:

  • Digital content bought through a third-party online store while using Rogers billing as the payment method (like Google Play).