Check TV Call Display Call History - Atlantic

The following steps explain how to review your Call History using the TV Call Display feature on the Atlantic Interactive Program Guide.

  1. Press the [MENU] button twice to go to General Settings.
    • Note: remotes without [D] a button press [SETTINGS].
  2. Highlight Call History and then press [OK/SELECT] or the [Right] arrow.
  3. Review your Call History:
    • This list displays calls received in the order they were received including:
      • Name
      • Number
      • Date and Time
    • A maximum of up to 40 calls can be logged in the history on non-PVRs and 10 calls can be logged in the history on PVRs.
  4. Delete received calls by pressing [C] (on PVRs only).

Note: all calls logged will be deleted whenever the digital box is rebooted.