How to use TV Call Display

When you receive a call, details like the name and number of the caller will appear at the bottom your TV screen. Plus, you can send a call directly to voicemail using your TV remote.

To get the TV Call Display feature, you need to subscribe to both our home phone and Digital TV services. Once you’re subscribed, contact customer service to have it added to your account at no additional charge.


Here's how to get the most out of TV Call Display. (Note: These instructions do not apply to customers located in Hamilton.)

  1. Send a call directly to voice mail: On your Rogers remote, press [A] (which is enclosed in a yellow triangle) to send a call directly to voicemail. The phone will stop ringing almost immediately. (You need Rogers Home Phone service for this.)
  2. Quickly close the banner: OK, you've seen who's calling. Now you want the banner off your screen. Press the circular grey Exit button (located near the red [C] button). If you don't press it, the banner will stay on screen for 20 seconds.
  3. Temporarily turn off the TV Call Display pop-up: Watching a show or sports event and don't want the TV Call Display banner to appear? Press the blue [B] button on your Rogers remote to temporarily turn off the pop-up. The default snooze time is two hours. While the pop-up is on the screen, press the red [C] button to access the Settings menu and customize the settings. If your remote does not have the red [C] button, you can access your settings by going to channel 975.
  4. Turn off the TV Call Display pop-up: Go to channel 975 and highlight Manage Call Display Pop-Up, then select Do Not Display Pop-Up from the list.

TIP: Tune into channel 975 to customize your TV Call Display features. You can also view a log of recent calls here.