Manage TV Call Display Snooze Settings on Navigatr - Ontario

The Manage Snooze Settings option allows you to select the time period for which the snooze option will temporarily stop all incoming pop-ups from appearing.

Note: Snooze can only be enabled through the pop-up and not by changing this setting. Once snooze has been enabled, the Call Display on TV service will only be turned back on once the time has expired or the Digital Terminal has been reset.

  1. Press [MENU].
  2. Scroll to Apps.support-screen capture-ManageTVCallDisplay1
  3. Scroll to TV Call Display and press [OK/SELECT]. Or tune to Channel 975.support-screen capture-ManageTVCallDisplay2
  4. Scroll to Manage Snooze and press [OK/SELECT].support-screen capture-ManageTVCallDisplaySnooze3
  5. Choose the length of time that you would like the snooze option to block incoming call display pop ups and press [OK/SELECT].