General Billing

Bill Reprint Charge

Rogers charges for bill reprints when you subscribe to online billing or paper billing and then request that we mail you a copy of a bill previously provided. This charge applies for each paper bill requested.

Did you know MyRogers allows you to avoid this charge by signing up for online billing and downloading a PDF version of your bill for the past 18 months? The PDF version contains the same information as the paper version along with additional usage information that you won't get in paper format.

Online billing FAQ

Returned Payment Charge

If you’ve attempted to pay your bill by credit card or by sending Rogers a cheque, or if you are set up on automatic payments and the payment does not go through, there will be a one-time Returned Payment Charge . One of the reasons for this could be that there are insufficient funds on the credit card or in the bank account. The Returned Payment Charge is not applicable to residents in Quebec. 

Learn how to make a payment or update your payment method so that you can avoid these charges in the future.


Provincial 9-1-1 Fee

Provincial governments require that Rogers charges a monthly 9-1-1 Fee that covers the cost of providing 9-1-1 emergency services. This fee is charged monthly and is separate from your monthly service fee. All emergency calls placed to 9-1-1 from your Rogers wireless phone will continue to be at no additional charge. You’re only charged this fee if your services are in the following provinces (fees vary by province):

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • PEI
  • Saskatchewan
  • Quebec
  • Alberta
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 

Check out our 911 Emergency service page for more information.


Suspension/Account Processing Fee

You may be charged a Suspension or Account Processing fee if your  services are suspended for non-payment. The Suspension and Account Processing Fee is not applicable to residents in Quebec.

Device Protection

Rogers offers Premium Device ProtectionTM that allows you to enjoy your device worry-free, knowing it’s protected from loss*, theft*, damage, and malfunction. You can only add it within 60 days of activating your wireless plan, buying a new Rogers phone or upgrading your phone.

Check out our Device Protection FAQ page

If you’ve enrolled in this service, there will be a monthly charge for Premium Device Protection applied to each  line that has Premium Device Protection. If you have multiple lines in your account, the fee only appears for the lines to which you’ve added Premium Device Protection.

 * Loss/theft protection is not available in Quebec or for Apple Watch


If you’ve ordered a new SIM card for your phone, you may have a SIM Fee on your bill to cover the cost of the SIM card.

Telephone Number Change

If you’ve requested a change to your wireless phone number through an agent, you may be charged a one-time Telephone Number Change Fee.

Setup Service Fee

Rogers charges a one-time Setup Service Fee on new activations including add a line, bring your own device activations and hardware upgrades. This fee is waived when customers use Rogers.com (excluding live chat) to process their transaction. This fee allows customers to visit a Corporate Rogers retail store within 15 days of their purchase to get help from a specialist to set up their device. This includes:

  • Content transfers between devices including device back-up (apps, contacts, pictures, videos, etc.) to the cloud.
  • Installation of cloud back-up services or any third-party apps, or more than 3 apps (provided the customer has their app login information). 

Device Financing

Financing allows customers on approved credit to finance phones, tablets, and smartwatches for $0 down. You’ll pay off the total financed amount through equal monthly payments over a 24-month period. There is 0% interest on financing.

To finance a phone, tablet, cellular-enabled smartwatch (e.g., Apple Watch), or mobile internet device, you must have an eligible postpaid plan.

Save & Return Device Repayment

If you enrolled in Save & Return when financing your device, you must return the device in good working condition or pay the Save & Return credit at the end of your 2-year Device Financing term (or when you upgrade your phone).

Check our FAQ page for more info about Save & Return. Check out our financing support article for more information.

Home Monitoring

Door Lock Installation fee

This fee covers the cost of sending a Rogers technician to your home to install a Smart Home Monitoring door lock (like the Yale YRD220 door lock). This is a premium installation charge that’s separate from the Technician Install Fee.

You won’t have this fee if you’ve installed the door lock yourself.

Equipment Removal fee

When moving your Smart Home Monitoring equipment to a new location, you can request to have a Rogers technician remove the equipment from the current location. You won’t have this fee if you’ve decided to remove the equipment yourself while moving your services.

Note: Once you’ve moved the equipment to the new location, you’ll still have to pay the Technician Install Fee to have Smart Home Monitoring equipment installed.

Early Cancellation Fee

If you’ve received a hardware subsidy for your Home Monitoring hardware kit but you’ve cancelled your account before the end of your term contract, Rogers charges an Early Cancellation Fee. This fee pays off the hardware subsidy that you’ve received when the plan was activated. This fee depends on the amount of the hardware subsidy and the number of months remaining in your term contract.

For example:

Let’s say you’ve received a hardware subsidy of $100 when you’ve activated your Smart Home Monitoring service on a 2-year term contract. If you decide to cancel your service one year after the activation, you’ll have to pay off the hardware subsidy for the 12 months remaining in your contract. As a result, you’ll have an Early Cancellation Fee  of $50 ($100 ÷ 24 months x 12 months).

False Alarm Fee

If a Home Monitoring alarm has been activated by mistake or for a non-emergency, your local emergency services (fire, police, or ambulance) charge a False Alarm Fee to cover the cost of their services being mobilized for a non-emergency. This fee depends on your city. Contact your city to learn more about this fee.

Need help avoiding the False Alarm Fee? If a false alarm was triggered, make sure that it's reported right away. If emergency services are already mobilized by the time that it’s reported, you’ll still be charged the fee.

Check out our Smart Home Monitoring page for more information. 

Police Permit Fee

Many of our Smart Home Monitoring plans include a 24x7 Central Monitoring service that immediately notifies authorities in the case of an emergency.

If a 24x7 Central Monitoring service is part of your Smart Home Monitoring package, there will be a  Police Permit Fee to cover the cost for local city emergency services to provide this service. For a list of cities that charge this fee, check out our list of Municipal permits.

Thermostat Installation fee

This fee covers the cost of sending a Rogers technician to your home for installing a Smart Home Monitoring door thermostat. It’s separate from the Technician Install Fee. You won’t be charged this fee if you’ve installed the thermostat yourself or have had it installed by another professional.

Wire Concealment fee

When you have Rogers install your Smart Home Monitoring service, you can have the technician conceal your wires. This fee is separate from the Technician Install Fee.

Note: The Technician Install Fee includes wall mounting of the Smart Home Monitoring devices without wire concealment.

TV / Internet / Home Phone

Pro Install Add-On

If you’ve installed TV / Internet / Home Phone service yourself, you shouldn’t have a Pro Install Add-On fee on your bill.

However, if a Rogers technician installed your services, then a Pro Install Add-On fee will be applied on your first bill. During the installation, the technician will ensure that everything is working well, identify equipment issues, and will show you how your new services work.

If you subscribe to multiple services at once in an Ignite bundle (TV, internet, or Home Phone), and have all services installed the same day, you’ll only be charged installation fee(s) once to cover all those services.

Ignite Express Setup

On your first bill, the one-time Ignite Express Setup fee covers the cost to set up your service(s) on the Rogers network. You can find this in the One-time charges and credits section of your bill.

Ignite WiFi Gateway

To provide you with the latest technology, internet packages include a WiFi Gateway rental. If you subscribe to an Ignite TV Bundle, the rental fee for the WiFi gateway is included in your package.

Note: If you don’t have a Bundle, the rental fee is not part of your monthly service fee. There will be a separate charge for a WiFi Gateway rental.

If the WiFi Gateway is lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll have an Unreturned Equipment charge applied on your bill

Looking for charges related to Rocket hubs and wireless internet plans? Check the Wireless charges section.

Ignite Entertainment Box

To provide you with the latest technology, Ignite TV bundles include the rental fee for one Ignite Entertainment Box. Any TV box(es) outside of the bundle will be there as a separate charge.

If the Ignite Entertainment Box(es) are lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll have an Unreturned Equipment charge applied on your bill.

Early Cancellation Fee

If you subscribe to services on a term contract and then cancel them before the end of your term, Rogers charges an Early Cancellation Fee as set out in your service agreement. This fee depends on the type of term offer and the number of months remaining in your term contract.

Note: After cancelling your service, please return any rented equipment (WiFi Gateway, Ignite Entertainment Box(es)) as soon as possible or you could be charged for the unreturned equipment.

Don’t know what to return?

Check out our Returning rental equipment

Administrative Charges

If you subscribe to Rogers services, you may be subject to certain administrative charges. Check out our administrative charges page for more information.