How you can self-serve online

You can easily manage your account and services online using MyRogers! 

Transactions marked below as 'Self-Serve only' are no longer available over the phone or through Chat support.

However, those with accessibility needs can continue to contact us by phone and through Chat for support with any transaction.

Check out the different transactions you can complete quickly and easily using MyRogers:

Billing and payments

Available on & MyRogers App

Make a payment - Self-Serve only

View your online bill

Update your payment method - Self-Serve only

Only on

View your payment history

Check your Pay As You Go balance

Account management

Available on & MyRogers App 

Update your MyRogers profile and settings - Self-Serve only

Only on

Register a new MyRogers profile

Reset your MyRogers password

Add a recovery phone number to your MyRogers profile

Link or unlink an account from your MyRogers profile

Reschedule or cancel an Ignite Service Appointment


Available on & MyRogers App 

Pause data usage

Change your wireless phone number

Change your wireless voicemail password

Network Help & Outages

Monitor data usage

Adding a new line to your account

View or set data alerts and notifications

Top up data or change your plan

Add a Speed Pass

Add Data Add-On

View your device balance

Activate, manage and cancel Apple Music subscriptions on eligible lines

Activating Disney+ subscriptions for eligible Rogers services

Only on

Using the Rogers Repair Program

Change your wireless phone number

Manage your Caller ID - Self-Serve only

Change your wireless voicemail password - Self-Serve only

Manage your add-on and long distance

Remove Data Add-On

Getting started with Rogers Infinite

Learn more about Rogers Infinite plans

Suspend a lost or stolen phone

Only on MyRogers App

Device diagnostics and repair with Device Toolbox


Available on, MyRogers App & Ignite WiFi App & MyWiFi App

Test your internet speed

Only on

Change your internet package

Network Help & Outages

Only on Ignite WiFi App & MyWiFi App

Find or change your WiFi password

Check out this article to learn more about all your self-serve options.

Ignite TV

Available on, Ignite TV app, & Voice Search

Search your Channels

Refresh your Ignite TV Box(es)

Only on

Exchange Flex Channels - Self-Serve only

Save your channel lineup as a PDF and print

Change your TV Package

Manage standalone channels and Theme Packs

Only on & Ignite TV App

View your channel lineup

Cancelling Disney+ subscriptions and managing billing and technical issues

Only on & via Voice Search

Reset Ignite TV Purchase PIN

Reset your Parental Controls and PIN

Check out  this article to learn more about all your self-serve options.

Digital TV

Only on

Reset your set-top box

Change your set-top box PIN

Change your channel lineup

Home Phone

Only on

Configure your current features

Access your voicemail settings

Reset your voicemail password

Home Monitoring

Only on Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Controlling your equipment